Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Daniel Livingstone
School of Computing
University of the West of Scotland

Tel: 0141 848 3893

D.O.B. 03/11/1971

Current Employment

1999 – Present Lecturer, School of Computing, University of the West of Scotland (formerly University of Paisley)
Year Leader: 1st year Computer Games Technology, 2001 – 2007
Year Leader: 2nd year Computer Games Technology, 2007-
Research work: As detailed below.Created and delivered variety of modules, covering range of topics in computer science and information systems.
Current teaching duties include the delivery and co-ordination of: Real-Time 3D Graphics, Collaborative Virtual Environments and Introduction to Virtual Worlds
Modules previously co-ordinated and delivered: Interactive Physical Modelling (shared with Drs. Leon Firth/Klaus Spohr), Object-Oriented Programming in Java, Object-Oriented Programming in C++,  Introduction to Computer Game Development, 2D Graphics Programming
Other modules delivered include: Abstraction and Specification in Program Design (with Java), Systems Analysis and Design (with UML), Introduction to Database Systems, Computer Systems, Web Development, Software Development

Additional activities include: Open day activities and presentations, inviting and coordinating with industry speakers

2006 – Present External Examiner, Computer Games BSc, University of Bolton

Employment and Industrial Experience

1995 – 1997 Research Assistant, University of Paisley
Working on DUCK and SCIDS projects, funded by DTI/EPSRC in collaboration with industrial partners including Rolls-Royce. Developed prototype collaborative design tools with intelligent agent support.
1994 Conversational English Teacher, Vidurine Mokykla 11, Alytus, Lithuania
1992 Philips Industrial Electronics, Eindhoven, NL
Student placement, developing software model of compensations used in visually guided surface mount assembly.


2009 Post-Graduate Certificate in Research Degree Supervision, University of the West of Scotland (to be awarded, July 2009)
1999- 2003 Part time research student, University of Paisley
PhD Thesis: “Computer Models of the Evolution of Language and Languages”
Passed external examination September 2003, confirmed by University of Paisley in January 2004. Supervisor: Prof. Colin Fyfe.
1997 – 1999 Full time research student, University of Paisley
1994 – 1995 MSc. in Computer Science (A.I.), pass with distinction, University of Essex
Included an MSc project on Computer Vision for Autonomous Robots (Supervisor: Dr. Libor Spacek)
1989 – 1993 BEng. in Computer & Electronic Systems, Strathclyde University
Honours project on Testing Techniques for Object-Oriented Software (Supervisor: Dr. Marc Roper)


Current research is based on the applications and technology of computer games, specifically the use of multi-user virtual environments in education. Following on from my PhD work, which involved research in Artificial Intelligence, principally Artificial Life and Autonomous Agents, I also maintain an interest in Game AI.

Grants Awarded

July 2007 &
July 2008
Principal investigator: ‘Online Learning in Virtual Environments with Sloodle’, Eduserv Foundation, £80,000 for first year, and subsequent £70,000 for follow on funding till October 2009.
Dec 2006 The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland,
Small Research Grant for ‘Learning Support in Immersive Online Virtual Environments’
March 2005 Microsoft award to develop teaching materials for Games Programming, with Stuart Slater (Wolverhampton), £15,000
Feb 2004 The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland,
Small Research Grant for ‘Artificial Life in Computer Games’
Nov 2001 Industrial Secondment Grant, The Royal Academy of Engineering,
Grant to provide replacement teaching costs to support a five month industrial secondment at Red Lemon.
July 1999 Student Travel Award,
Award to support attendance at Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) Student Workshop.

Papers and Invited Talks

For a full list, see seperate publications page.

Consultancy & Commercial Activities

In 2007 I started acting as a consultant in virtual worlds. Work on the funded SLOODLE project (see above) has limited time available for this.

2008: Project to develop a system to communicate from Second Life to mobile devices via SMS for GlobalKids, New York.
2007: Completed two government funded SEEKIT projects.

Memberships and Affiliations

I hold memberships of the following professional and academic bodies:
BCS (British Computer Society) – Glasgow Branch Committee Member 2005-Present
ACM (Association for Computer Machinery)
ALT (The Association for Learning Technology)
IGDA (International Game Developers Association)
DIGRA (Digital Games Research Association)

Research Supervision & Examination


Hanno Hildemann, currently registered student researching game-based learning.

Peter Bloomfield, researching tools for collaborative learning in 3D virtual worlds.


John Hodgson, ‘The Evaluation and Quantification of the effects between Multiple User Interface Properties in an Industrial Environment’, awarded 2006


External examiner for 1 PhD, Internal examiner for 1 PhD

Conference Organisation


Co-chair, Second Life Education Workshop, Chicago, August 2007

Organiser, HEA-ICS Workshop “Massively Multi-Learner”, University of Paisley, March 2007

Co-chair, Second Life Education Workshop, San Francisco, August 2006

Committee Membership

Organising Committee member, RELIVE 2008 (REsearching Learning In Virtual Environments), Open University, Milton Keynes, November 2008

Organising Committee member, SLEDcc 2008 (Second Life Education Community Convention), Tampa, Florida, September 2008

Program Committee member CGAMES 2008 USA, Louisville, Kentucky, August 2008

Program Committee member CGAMES 2007 USA, Louisville, Kentucky, July 2007

Organizing Committee member, Workshop on Optimizing Player Satisfaction at the Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Entertainment Conference (AIIDE) Stanford, June 6-8 2007

Program Committee member SAB’06 Workshop on Adaptive Approaches for Optimizing Player Satisfaction in Computer and Physical Games, Rome, October 2006

Program Committee member CGAMES 2006 USA, Louisville, Kentucky, July 2006

Reviewer for The Sixth International Conference on the Evolution of Language (Evolang6), Rome 12-15 April 2006

Program Committe member SOAS 2005, Self-Organization and Adaptation of Multi-Agent and Grid Systems, Paisley, December 2005

Program Committe member CGAIMS 2005, Computer Games: AI and Mobile Systems, July 2005, Louisville, Kentucky

Program Committe member CGAMES 2005, December 2005, Angoulême, France

Program Committe member & Education Session Co-chair for CGAIDE 2004: Computer Games, AI, Design & Education, Reading, UK, November 2004

Reviewer for Evolution of Language: Fifth International Conference (Evolang5), 2004, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany, March 31st-April 3rd, 2004.

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